Beef Stew in the Pressure Cooker

Today I’m featuring a pressure cooker Beef Stew recipe from Lana, Never Enough Thyme. Lana loves the convenience of a pressure cooker and uses her old, old, old stove top pressure cooker quite often.

Lana found her beef stew recipe in an old cookbook that was included with the first pressure cooker she ever owned. She wore out that pressure cooker and doesn’t have it any more, but she’s still using the beef stew recipe. So you know it must be delicious.

Visit Never Enough Time for the recipe and step by step pictures and instructions. Lana also shares a fun story about memories of her mom pressure cooking when she was growing up.

To cook beef stew in the Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker, brown the meat using the Browning setting, add vegetables and salt and pepper as directed, select High Pressure and set the timer for 15 minutes. When the timer beeps, use the Quick Release Method. When all of the steam is released carefully remove the lid and complete the recipe as directed. Serve immediately.

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  1. Carmen says

    I’m enjoying your blog. Just made this tonight. I replaced some of the liquids with red wine and added some dried herbs. Served with garlic bread. It was a big hit even with the kids. Thanks!

    • Barbara Schieving says

      Thanks Carmen! With winter right around the corner, we’ll all be whipping up lots of stews. Glad you family enjoyed it.

  2. says

    I’ve had a pressure cooker for almost a year…. Now that cool weather is here I need to get it back out. I’m still learning.. (we cook outside in the summer) Love the beef stew recipe!

    • Barbara says

      Thanks Katie – I like to cook outside in the summer too. Although lots of people like to use their pressure cooker more in the summer so they don’t heat up the house with the oven.