Pressure Cooker Tip: Cook Time Electric vs. Stove Top

I’ve had several questions from readers lately. Since many of you may have the same questions, today I’m sharing the answers :

Q: I recently found your website and subscribed to emails. Can I use my old fashioned pressure cooker for your recipes?  

Yes, you can use your old fashioned (stove top) pressure cooker for my recipes. Your cook time may be slightly shorter for quick cooking items such as veggies with a stove top pressure cooker.

I love the tip that Mike, Dad Cooks Dinner, recently gave in a post about using the instruction manuals as a guide. When I’m converting recipes for my pressure cooker, I use my Cuisinart Recipe Booklet as a guide all the time. Mike gave links to other pressure cooker recipe booklets that are online and will help you determine the proper cooking time for your stove top pressure cooker. Laura, Hip Pressure Cooking, also has a great list of pressure cooker manuals.

Q: Is the time the same for cooking in both electric and stove top pressure cookers? Have you used both and what do you think about each of them.

What I love about my electric pressure cooker is that it is completely automated. I don’t have to worry about figuring out what temperature to put my stove at, the pressure cooker sets the temperature. I don’t have to babysit it. If I have to run to the store in the middle of pressure cooking, the pressure cooker automatically switches to keep warm, so I feel comfortable leaving it unattended.

If you have limited space and do a lot of quick cooking items, like veggies, a stove top may be a better choice, but for tenderizing meats, soups and stews, I think most will like an electric pressure cooker.

I don’t have a stove top pressure cooker and have not used one (although I have fond memories of meals my mom made in her stove top pressure cooker). My understanding is many electric pressure cookers don’t reach as high a psi, so the cook time may be slightly longer in an electric pressure cooker. Laura, Hip Pressure Cooking, did a side by side comparison on her site .

No matter which pressure cooker you have, I hope I can inspire you to pull it out of the cupboard and start using it! You’ll be glad you did. You can find more frequently asked questions in my FAQ section.

First photo provided by Hip Pressure Cooking and used with permission.

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  1. D Wilk says

    Gotta say that at least my electric pressure cooker is soooo easier. They are really cool. Get one. I bought one from Amazon. A Cuisinart. After my daughter got hers. They work, they can get stuff done and flavorful in a New York minute ( I am from Montana). The best book I found, actually from my daughter was written by a man and I LOVE it. Bob Warden is his name. Before that I bought 2 and she was all about the “old” cookers. Thanks

  2. says

    Good to know the differences in the stovetop and electric. As you know, I have an older stovetop pressure cooker and I use it often. However, I have an electric one on my wish list. Even after all these years of pressure cooking, I’m still quite cautious when using the stovetop cooker. I’d love to try one that didn’t need babysitting :-)

  3. says

    I used to have the stove top one and was afraid of it, so i donated it. I have an electric one on my wish list and when I get it I will let you know how I like it.

      • D Wilk says

        I did blow up one. Didn’t know that the seal was bad. That was in a restaurant. These are so much safer and they take a lot of the guess work out of stuff. Mine browns, sautes, and all that stuff that makes a mess. Just gotta say why not try one.