Quick Pressure Cooker Potato Salad

Quick Pressure Cooker Potato Salad Recipe

This Quick Pressure Cooker Potato Salad Recipe is so easy you’ll fall in love with making potato salad again. Cooking the eggs and potatoes together in the pressure cooker, you’ll get quick, perfectly cooked eggs and potatoes every time. 

Old fashioned potato salad is a summer favorite at picnics and barbecues. My mom always made a big bowl of potato salad for family get togethers in the summer.  I use to dread making potato salad, but making potato salad in the pressure cooker is quick and easy.

Making pressure cooker potato salad

Instead of cooking the eggs and potatoes separately, I just nestle the eggs in between peeled and diced potatoes. After steaming them for four minutes on high in the pressure cooker, the potatoes are tender and the eggs are perfectly cooked.

While the potatoes are cooking, make the dressing. I use reduce fat mayonnaise, so it’s a bit healthier. After the cook time is up, let the eggs and potatoes cool for a few minutes, then mix them with the dressing and chill.

This Quick Pressure Cooker Potato Salad Recipe is so easy you'll fall in love with making potato salad again.

This recipe is so quick and easy, you can make it in the morning before you head to work and it will be chilled and ready to eat when you get home. A perfect side dish for grilled chicken, steak or burgers.

Update: Recently, a neighbor told me this is her favorite pressure cooker recipe that she makes all the time. Since barbecue and picnic season is right around the corner and it’s been two years since I posted it, I decided to update it with some new pictures and add some parsley to the salad for color.

Quick Potato Salad in the Pressure Cooker

Quick Potato Salad in the Pressure Cooker


  • 6 medium russet potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 4 large eggs
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped onion
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh parsley
  • 1 tablespoon dill pickle juice
  • 1 tablespoon mustard
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Put the steamer basket in the pressure cooker pot. Add the water, potatoes, and the eggs. Lock lid in place, select High Pressure, 4 minutes cook time and press start.
  2. When timer beeps, turn off pressure cooker and do a quick pressure release. When the pressure is released, carefully remove the lid. Remove the steamer basket from the pressure cooking pot. Put eggs into ice cold water to cool.
  3. In a large bowl, combine the onion, mayo, parsley, pickle juice, and mustard. Add the potatoes and gently mix the mayonnaise mixture into the potatoes. Peel and dice three of the cooled eggs and stir into potato salad. Add salt and pepper to taste. If needed, add more mayonnaise to achieve desired consistency.
  4. Chill at least one hour before serving. Top with slices of remaining hard boiled egg.

Quick Pressure Cooker Potato Salad

This Quick Pressure Cooker Potato Salad Recipe is so easy you'll fall in love with making potato salad again.

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  1. Tom says

    One egg fell over near the end. It was close to being done so it self oeeled.
    instead of pickle juice. Add some dill pickle relish. Alot better

  2. says

    You can add me to the list of converts! I made your potato salad for a family get-together and the salad was amazing! The potatoes were perfect and held their shape. The eggs peeled like magic. Everyone loved it! Thank you so much!

    • Barbara Schieving says

      Thanks Chris! Isn’t it amazing how easy eggs cooked in the pressure cooker peel. So glad you loved the recipe. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

  3. Christine H says

    Hello Barbara, just made this and it turned out GREAT! LOVED LOVED LOVED the idea of making the potatoes and the eggs together. The eggs turned out absolutely super–much better than my usual HB eggs. I know you’ve given a post previously about hard boiling them in the pressure cooker, but just hadn’t done it…until now…and now you have me hooked! I used up all of my russet potatoes that have been hanging on just a tad too long…was a perfect recipe for them. I assume the parsley goes in along with the onion?
    Thanks for a great recipe! I’ll be making it again!

    • Barbara Schieving says

      Awwww thanks Christine! So glad you’re hooked. Thanks for the heads up about parsley missing in the directions. I’ve updated the recipe.

  4. Sharon says

    Hi Barbara, just made this on our beautiful 80 degree day! I have an Instant Pot and cooking the potatoes and eggs together worked great! I changed the dressing a little bit; used 1/2 mayo and 1/2 sour cream. This is a winner and I know I will be making this a lot this summer. Thanks so much!

    • Barbara Schieving says

      Thanks Sharon! Potato salad and beautiful days are made for each other. Sounds like a great change. I’ve done that before with chicken salad.

  5. Pat Sullivan says

    Just made this using the trivet that came with my Cuisinart, worked beautifully. I am so excited about this. I now can bring potato salad to potlucks without hesitation. One question, for a crowd I’d like to double the recipe, is the cooking time the same? I am new to pressure cooking.


    • Jennifer says

      Hi Pat I also have the Cuisinart…did you line the trivet with foil? I’m wondering if the potatoes fell through?

      Barbara will any steamer basket work in pressure? Regarding the eggs of course you wash them, do you need to poke a whole in the top?

      Thanks Jennifer

      • Barbara Schieving says

        Hi Jennifer – I’m not aware of any steamer baskets that wouldn’t work in the pressure cooker. No you don’t need to poke a hole in the the top of the eggs. I wouldn’t line the trivet with foil unless you poked lots of holes in it to let the steam through. I put a link to the steamer basket I use at the end of the post. Hope you enjoy it!

        • Jennifer says

          Thank you Barbara! I love your “pressure cooking today” I’m now using mine 3 times a week.

          Hole hole hole LOL that’s what happens when I type on the treadmill ;). I’m going to make the potato salad over the weekend.

          • Barbara Schieving says

            Awwww thanks Jennifer! I’m so glad I could motivate you to pressure cooker more often.

          • Jennifer says

            WOW this recipe was so easy and quick!!! End result perfect eggs and potatoes (not sticky or falling apart). At this time I only have a trivet and it worked like a charm.

            Do yourself a favor and make this you will not be disappointed!!!

      • Pat says

        Jennifer, I did not line the trivet with foil and yes, some of the potatoes fell over but not through but turned out just fine. Since that first time I’ve successfully used a steamer basket I already had, fit perfect. I love this method, still wondering if I increase the time should I double the recipe.


        • Barbara Schieving says

          Thanks for the help Pat. No I don’t think you’ll need to increase the time if you double the recipe. Generally in the pressure cooker it’s the size of the food not the quantity that determines the time. Just be sure and not to exceed the maximum fill line. :)

  6. carol says

    make the potato salad first cook in electric pressure cooker. Amazing how well the eggs cooked. Want to make piggies cooked whole cabbage in pressure cooker 2minutes had to do 1more minute. nex

  7. Norma says

    Made this yesterday for Labor Day dinner with burgers. How ingenious, fast and delicious this recipe is! Like some others commenting, I have not made potato salad for a long time because of the hassle and the heat it brings to the kitchen. In the Instant Pot there is almost no heat, I get everything in the pot, set it, and then walk away while I do something else. I took a tip from America’s Test Kitchens and put the mustard on the potatoes right away as it seems to soak in better (good if you like mustard in your potato salad which we do). I also used sweet pickle juice rather than dill. Lots of other good suggestions here that I’ll try. Thanks for a great way to make potato salad and hard boil eggs!

  8. Layla says

    I made this for dinner tonight with burger sliders and Boston Baked Beans. Absolutely loved throwing the eggs in with the potatoes and as an added bonus didn’t have to fight with the shell. The potato salad was yummy. I added celery and scallions plus some fresh herbs and scaled the mustard by half.

  9. Jerry Nichols says

    Great recipe, was shocked at how well the eggs turned out. I used six on the day before I lost more egg than I ever had before. Well, the pressure cooker, cooked eggs, (my first time) were fantastic. eggs, (4 sliced two ways with my egg slicer makes beautiful chopped eggs, the other sliced one way laid on top Today the pressure cooked eggs peeled perfectly, all were all from the same carton of egg lands best.

    I also used Grey Poupon, and two teaspoons of horse radish. It tastes wonderful!
    with a little smoked paprika) to show off the eggs.

    • Barbara Schieving says

      Thanks Jerry! The pressure cooker is the only way I hard boil eggs now. Your changes sound delicious. Glad you enjoyed the recipe.

  10. Patty says

    Just for this recipe alone you need a pressure cooker. This is a perfect way to make potato salad. So simple and easy. This is a keeper! Thanks

  11. Doran says

    Purchased the Insta-Pot about 30 days ago and you site has been a Wonderful Addition to my Electric Pressure Cooking Experience!!!
    The Tex Mex is/was Excellent. Today the
    Classic Potato Salad was a breeze and the eggs cooked perfect. I have the BBQ Brisket ready to be cooked and I am so excited!!!
    Thank You, again!!!!!
    Did I say that the Insta Pot is A Great Investment!!

    • Barbara Schieving says

      Thanks Doran – I’m glad you’re enjoying my recipes and your new Instant Pot. It really is a great investment.

  12. says

    Gawd, I just love you, Barbara. I’m craving a classic potato salad, and I thought…hmmmm, let’s see how to make it in the pressure cooker. I googled, and here I landed. This is pure genius, cooking the eggs and ‘taters at the same time. Muwah! I can’t wait to make this, and I know it’s gonna be good.

  13. Elizabeth says

    Just made this, and I followed it exactly, except I used 1/2 plain yogurt and 1/2 low fat mayo. Of course I made up for this by adding some crumbled bacon. :p It is AWESOME! My first really successful pressure cooker potato salad. I’m new to pressure cooking, and the last couple of times I tried, the potatoes were overdone, so I I had to turn them into mashed potatoes. These were perfect, and so were the eggs (another item I’ve had a time with!).
    Thanks so much for this great recipe!!

  14. Mike says

    Going to make this today, first have to make the mayo. I am assuming the mustard called for is prepared? Dry mustard powder I’m guessing, would be much to hot.

    • Mike says

      Mayo is easy to make, and so is this potato salad! I like it very much, and will never buy store bought potato salad again!!!

        • Mike says

          I did an experiment last night and made german potato salad, all in the pressure cooker, it turned out very well!! I used the steamer basket and the 4 minute time to cook the potatoes, they turned out great. Such a time saver! I saved the water and fried the bacon and onion in the bottom of pressure cooker then added the water with thickener and other ingredients. Very good, in a fraction of the normal time!

  15. Judith says

    I just made this and I am in love! Normally, I *hate* making potato salad. This method is pure genius! I used an inexpensive collapsing steamer basket and it worked just fine. Thank you so much for the recipe!

    • Barbara Schieving says

      Thanks Judith! So glad you loved the method as much as I do. It really does make making potato salad easier as well as faster.

  16. Ginny Hornberger says

    I had not made a potato salad in many years until I tried this recipe yesterday. It turned out great! I used a steamer basket in my electric pressure cooker. I didnt have any russet potatos just some red potatoes and the salad was still very good. Will definitely make again. Thanks for this recipe!

  17. Becky (central oregon) says

    How about that… your timeing is amazing I was wondering today if I could cook the potatoes and the eggs at the same time…My mom always cooked the potatoes in the pressure cooker but always down in the water…not up out of the liqued. but I can say for a fact she never did the eggs with the potatoes.

  18. Paul Lackey says

    Are the eggs really done? I am concerned that they would be runny. This does sound easy though. Keep up the good recipes as I am new to pressure cooking.

    • Barbara Schieving says

      The eggs are not runny. Perfectly hard boiled without a gray ring. You could always check one and cook longer if needed.

  19. says

    Holy smokes, Barbara! This is really floating my boat for the ease of making this potato salad! Since I have a stovetop pressure cooker, do you think that I would need to adjust the amount of water used? Also, is the steamer basket used for actual steaming or for ease in removing the ingredients? My pressure cooker does not have a steamer basket, sadly.