Fagor America LUX Multi Cooker Review

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The new LUX All-in-One Multi Cooker is a Pressure Cooker, a Slow Cooker, a Rice Cooker and even has a Yogurt Making program.

Fagor America recently sent me their new LUX 6 qt. Multi Cooker to review. They also  offered to give away a LUX Multi Cooker to one lucky Pressure Cooking Today reader!White Details on how you can win are at the bottom of this post.

The new LUX All-in-One Multi Cooker is a Pressure Cooker, a Slow Cooker, a Rice Cooker and even has a Yogurt Making program. It has 12 preset programs: Pressure Cook (high & low), Slow Cook (high & low), Yogurt, White rice, Brown rice, and Risotto programs, as well as Simmer, Sauté, Steam and Brown settings. 

The new LUX All-in-One Multi Cooker is a Pressure Cooker, a Slow Cooker, a Rice Cooker and even has a Yogurt Making program.

The LUX, like other electric pressure cookers, is set-it-and-forget-it easy. It’s super safe, super quiet, has very little evaporation, and automatically switches to the keep warm setting when the pressure cooking time is up.

One feature that the LUX has that the other pressure cookers don’t, is it beeps when it reaches pressure and the timer starts counting down. I like to stay in the kitchen until the cooker reaches pressure just in case I forgot to put the valve in the pressure position. So it’s nice to hear that beep and know it’s at pressure.


Another advantage of the LUX is the User Manual. The instructions are well written, easy to follow, and there’s less contradictory information given. For example, some pressure cooking manuals state you shouldn’t pressure cook certain ingredients, such as apples, barley or steel cut oats because they foam. Then they list the cook time in the chart or have a recipe for that ingredient. The LUX manual has a note explaining not to fill the pressure cooker more than half way full when cooking these items, but doesn’t discourage cooking the ingredient.

The LUX manual also lists different amounts of minimum required liquid. For example, it recommends a minimum of 1 cup for steaming vegetables, but for pressure cooking fruits recommends using only one half cup of water because the cooking time is very short.

The manual says the LUX cooks at 9psi on high pressure. I was a little concerned about that because the Instant Pot states it cooks at 11 psi and the Cuisinart at 10psi. So I asked the representative about the lower psi and she said the factory engineers said, “there is some fluctuation on the pressure and 9 psi is the average. Honestly almost all electric pressure cookers work with very similar pressure settings.” I used the LUX exclusively for two weeks and found the cook time on my recipes was the same time need in the Lux as for the Instant Pot and Cuisinart.

After the pressure cooking time has finished. You can release the pressure two ways. A quick pressure release is when you open the valve and allow the steam to release quickly.

I was surprised that the pressure regulating knob is a lot lighter than the knobs on the other electric pressure cookers I use. The representative said it’s made of a newer plastic material which is lighter and more durable.

The LUX doesn’t come with a trivet nor a steamer basket, but Fagor America is developing them and they will be available shortly.

Fagor-LUX-Pot with rice inside

I prefer a stainless pressure cooking pot so I can scrub it and don’t have to worry about scratching it. The LUX doesn’t come with a stainless steel, but does come with a fun dark blue, ceramic nonstick pot instead of a Teflon pot. The advantage of the ceramic cooking pot that is easy to clean and PFOA free.

Fagor America sells a stainless steel pot as an accessory. So if you like the features of the LUX but want a stainless steel pot, you can buy an additional pot for the cooker. In fact, I’m sure you’ll like having two pots.

I was really impressed with the Fagor America LUX 6 quart Multi Cooker and highly recommend it.

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