Fagor LUX 8 Quart Multi-Cooker Review and Giveaway

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Fagor LUX 8 Quart Multi-Cooker

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so today I’m sharing the second of three pressure cooker reviews and three giveaways I’m hosting! Fagor sent me their top rated Fagor LUX 8 Quart Multi-Cooker to review and host a giveaway.

Details on how you can win a Fagor LUX 8 Quart Multi-Cooker are at the bottom of this post.

Good Housekeeping recently tested Multi-cookers / Electric Pressure Cookers that also saute/sear, make rice, slow cook and steam in the pot. Good Housekeeping gave high marks to many of the great electric pressure cookers on the market now, but gave top marks to the Fagor LUX. Good Housekeeping listed the pros and cons of the LUX as: 


  • Came up to pressure quickly
  • Quick pressure release valve worked very rapidly
  • Excellent at pressure-cooking beef stew
  • Good at slow-cooking beef stew
  • Evenly browned meat
  • Good at cooking rice
  • Manual is clear and thorough
  • Intuitive, easy-to-read controls
  • Features timed cooking and settings for browning, steaming and delay start
  • Cooking insert is dishwasher safe


  • Took a long time to release pressure naturally

The Fagor representative I work with was excited about the review and explained:

The review from Goodhousekeeping is fantastic and gives the potential customer who has never heard of the LUX  the information on why this small appliance is so amazing: the fact that it delivers superb results in every setting.

It is actually the fastest electric cooker because it works with 1300 watts instead of 1000 watts like some competitors do, all the additional assisting functions, the fact they think it is the only one that excelled at steaming rice, the nice call out about the intuitive controls and helpful manual.

My Review

I’ve long been a fan of the Fagor LUX and was excited to give the 8 quart a try. If you have a big family, or routinely make large batches of soups or freezer meals, the 8 quart is a great size and may be worth paying a little extra for a larger pressure cooker.

Top Rated Fagor LUX 8 Quart Multi-Cooker / Pressure Cooker Lid

The LUX comes with a non-stick, ceramic cooking pot that’s easy to clean but also give you a great sear on meats. If you’re a fan of a stainless steel cooking pot, Fagor sells one as an accessory.

Another thing I like about the LUX is the white writing on the black background makes it easy to see whether the valve is in the correct position for pressure cooking or for releasing the steam/pressure.

The lid locking system is also white on a dark background with a locked and unlocked symbol so you can easily tell which way to turn the lid to lock it in place.

Top Rated Fagor LUX 8 Quart Multi-Cooker Features

I was impressed how much bigger the 8 quart seemed in comparison to the 6 quart, and also how quickly the 8 quart Fagor LUX came to pressure.

You can learn how to use the LUX in my video showing how to make my popular Beef and Broccoli recipe. You can also find more information about the LUX on the Fagor website, including two helpful videos with info about the LUX.


If you’re having trouble entering because the promosimple entry form isn’t loading properly for you, you can also enter by visiting https://promosimple.com/ps/b76c.

Disclosure: I was sent a Fagor LUX 8 Quart Multi-Cooker to review, but all opinions expressed are always my own.

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Top Rated Fagor LUX 8 Quart Multi-Cooker

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