25+ Best Instant Pot Summer Side Dishes

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These are the best Instant Pot side dish recipes to make this summer, PLUS serving suggestions for our favorite main dishes to pair them with. They’ll keep your house cool (no oven necessary), and include everything from baked beans and corn on the cob to fresh grain salads and potato dishes.

collage for Instant Pot summer Side Dish post, featuring a large image of amish potato salad on the top left and twice-baked potatoes on the bottom right, with smaller pictures of baked beans and egg salad and corn on the cob and potato salad tightly fitted

During the summer, we’re all about keeping things laid-back and cool. Whether it’s a family dinner on a weeknight or we’re hosting an outdoor barbecue for neighbors and friends, no one wants to turn on the oven or stove.

That’s why we’ve created these Instant Pot side dishes that are perfect for summer. They feature seasonal produce and timeless classics like fluffy cornbread and pasta salad.

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I’ve also included recommendations for the entree recipes that we love to serve with each of these Instant Pot side dishes below. Some are from Barbara Bakes, so you can make them on the grill. Enjoy!

Best Instant Pot Summer Side Dishes

Summer is here, which means you may want to leave the oven off and keep your house cool. Use these best summer side dish recipes for your Instant Pot / pressure cooker to enjoy delicious, summery food without the extra heat.

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More Instant Pot Summer Side Disehs

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