InstaFreeze Meals Review: Easy Prep and Freeze Instant Pot Meal Plans

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InstaFreeze Meals is a cost-saving and time-saving way to feed your family healthy meals every day. Get your first month for free as a Pressure Cooking Today reader!

InstaFreeze collage with ingredients measured and chopped, adding the final few items to the cooked soup, the ingredients in a ziplock ready to freeze, the the creamy enchilada soup with all the toppings.

I love having a freezer stocked with delicious meals! (It’s particularly valuable right now, with key ingredients often sold-out at the store.)

Our dear friend Marci from TIDBITS recently launched a fantastic online meal planning service called InstaFreeze Meals that’s perfect for anyone with an Instant Pot or electric pressure cooker.

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Cook and Freeze vs. Prep and Freeze

I generally cook extras and freeze my leftovers in individual portions (see my favorite meals to freeze here). I tend to do this because I like to brown my meat and saute my veggies before cooking.

However, I know many of you prefer to do a big prep day and freeze several meals at once.

This is where I turn to Marci. She’s been my go-to for making no-thaw Instant Pot freezer meals for years. She has a great process for creating freezer meals that are ready to cook in your Instant Pot. Simply dump and go!

Image of the InstaFreeze recipies and step by step instructions provided with the course.
Photo courtesy of InstaFreeze Meals.

What Are InstaFreeze Meals?

InstaFreeze Meals is a paid meal plan service that offers monthly freezer meal plans and shopping lists for family-favorite Instant Pot recipes. 

I really think you’re going to love the InstaFreeze meal plans Marci puts together! Her monthly plans come with so many resources, tips and tricks, and organizational tools for making family meals easier and more enjoyable than ever.  

A picture with all the ingredients to make an InstaFreeze meal, including butternut squash, spice,s chicken breast, red peppers, green chilis, potatoes, onion, and garlic.

Who Should Use InstaFreeze Meals?

InstaFreeze Meals are perfect for anyone who is…

  • tired of trying to make dinner with cranky babies and mischievous toddlers underfoot,
  • frantically trying to squeeze dinner in between sports practices and dance classes,
  • coming home from work exhausted and just wanting something easy for dinner,
  • not getting any help planning what to eat every week, or
  • just not a fan of prepping and cooking night after night (after night).

Honestly, I think just about anyone would benefit from having some freezer meals prepped and ready!

💬 Learn more about InstaFreeze Meals, including how to sign up.  

InstaFreeze collage with frozen soup ingredients and a finished bowl of soup topped with tomatoes, chips, and sour cream.
Photo courtesy of InstaFreeze Meals.

What Kinds of Meals Does InstaFreeze Offer?

On top of the time and cost savings, the meals themselves are the best part about InstaFreeze.

Marci and Maegan’s recipes are flavorful, unique, and healthy. From zesty tacos to creamy oats to fresh-tasting soups, InstaFreeze meals are seasonal, filling, and clean. 

➡️ See the current and upcoming InstaFreeze menus here.  

Want to try them yourself? Sign up for a free month subscription using code PRESSURECOOKINGTODAY

What Does an InstaFreeze Subscription Include? 

Your InstaFreeze subscription is more than just a list of recipes. Every month, you’ll receive:

  • 15 healthy, easy-to-follow recipes that are perfectly timed to cook from frozen.
  • Gluten-free substitutions and nutrition facts.
  • Clear guidelines for making half and full batches of the recipes.
  • Organized shopping lists that save you time and money at the store.
  • Printable monthly and weekly meal planning calendars.
  • Tips and tricks for cooking the meals from frozen.
  • Step-by-step checklists that make cooking as straightforward as possible.

The InstaFreeze website is easily accessible from any device. InstaFreeze also helps you avoid multiple grocery shopping trips, saves you time shopping and cooking, and reduces food waste.

Try Before You Buy! Marci has a FREE Sneak Peek recipe bundle so you can see how cooking from frozen will work for you.

Step by step collage showing how to measure, freeze, then cook the soup using the InstaFreeze program.
Photos courtesy of InstaFreeze Meals.

Can I Give InstaFreeze as a Gift?

Know someone having a baby, planning for surgery, or going through another major life event?

InstaFreeze Meals makes a thoughtful and practical gift!

Marci offers monthly and 6-month membership tiers, so you can equip your loved one with the ability to prep and enjoy wholesome meals during even the busiest and most stressful times. 

Favorite InstaFreeze Recipes: Prep and Freeze, then Cook from Frozen

These are some of my personal favorite InstaFreeze recipes that Marci has online. Click the recipes for instructions on how to prep, freeze, and reheat the meals.

(Update: My son says to mention that he really loved the February meal plan’s Triple Bean Chili because “it has three colors of beans and really yummy meat.”)

And don’t forget, if you’d like to subscribe, use code PRESSURECOOKINGTODAY to get your first month free.

Picture collage of all the ingredients for the soup measured and chopped, and the ingredients added to the ziplock bag to be frozen.

A Little More About InstaFreeze Meals

Marci and her sister Maegan are two busy moms that were tired of the nightly grind of sitting down for a meal too exhausted to even enjoy it. At the same time, they didn’t want to sacrifice health and nutrition for convenience. 

That’s when they started preparing and freezing their favorite Instant Pot recipes ahead of time. They’d stock their freezers full of Ziploc bags filled with measured, seasoned, and chopped ingredients. Then, come dinner time, they simply dumped the frozen, prepped foods directly into a pressure cooker.

In no time, they were serving their hungry kids hot, wholesome and flavorful meals. And now they’re bringing the ease of InstaFreeze meals to your kitchen!

InstaFreeze collage with frozen ribs and cooked ribs ready to serve with BBQ sauce.
Photo courtesy of InstaFreeze Meals.


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