InstaFresh Meals Review & Cookbook

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Find out why you need InstaFresh Cookbooks and how they’ll help you prep delicious and easy pressure cooker freezer meals to have on hand for busy nights. 

Picture collage featuring the spring InstaFresh cookbook, chicken tacos, a rice bowl, and a bowl of past all made from frozen Instant Pot meals.

Our friends (and freezer meal magicians) Marci and Maegan have been publishing seasonal cookbooks full of Instant Pot freezer meals that make dinner time a breeze. 

They’ve just released their Spring edition, and it is full of tasty, healthy, and convenient meals that you can have at the ready!

We’ve written up a full review of InstaFresh Meals and their cookbooks so you can see why you’ll love having some of these meals on hand.

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A photo of two young women, Marci and Maegan from InstaFresh. Marci is on the left with long, straight brown hair, wearing a white top. Maegan is on the right with long slightly wavy highlighted brown hair, wearing a light peach top.
Our friends, Marci and Maegan, and the magicians behind InstaFresh Meals and their seasonal cookbooks.

All about InstaFresh Meals 

We’ve known Marci for a long time! We even partnered with Marci to write our Instantly Sweet cookbook, back before she and Maegan became queens of the freezer meal space. 

Her dishes are full of flavor, family-friendly, and oh-so-easy. Check out her blog, InstaFreshMeals, if you need more convincing!

I’ve been trying out the first few InstaFresh cookbooks, and I’ve been really impressed by them. I’m thrilled to recommend them so that readers across the world can try their tried-and-true freezer recipes for themselves!

Cookbook cover for the spring collection of Instant Pot freezer meals from InstaFresh.
Image used with permission from InstaFresh Meals.

Why Freezer Meals?

Freezer meals are a simple-but-genius way to get dinner on the table on busy nights! 

Essentially, you prep a full meal ahead of time, then freeze it in a zip-top bag or container. When dinnertime rolls around, anyone in the household (yes, kids too!) can pull a bag from the freezer, pop it into the Instant Pot, and then just wait for the pressure cooker to work its magic!

Freezer Meals Can Help You Save Money

Instant Pot Freezer meals like those in Marci and Maegan’s new book aren’t just convenient, they’re also great for saving money and budgeting. We waste less food, eat out less often, and don’t have to make as many trips to the store when we know we have dinner-ready meals in the freezer. 

InstaFresh Freezer Meals Are a Healthy Option

Marci has always amazed us at the ways she creates healthy meals! InstaFresh freezer meals are as convenient as ordering take-out, but are much healthier. Plus, these meals are well balanced between healthy proteins like chicken, pork chops, and ground beef, along with grains like rice and quinoa, plus tons of fresh veggies. 

Freezer Meals Are Convenient and Easy

All you need to fill your freezer with a week (or more) of weeknight dinners is a few hours for meal prep. We like to do this on a weekend afternoon, and it’s a great way to get the kids in the kitchen, too. 

Or, if an afternoon of prep is more work than you’re looking for, You can also choose to buy double the ingredients for a meal and make one meal fresh dinner and freeze the other for the future. (This is particularly great if you’re planning on gifting a meal to a loved one.)

Many of the InstaFresh meals are simple dump-and-go dinners, so once you’ve done the prep, you can walk away let the Instant Pot do the rest of the work. 

InstaFresh spring menu to help you create fresh, delicious, and easy Instant Pot freezer meals.
Image used with permission from InstaFresh Meals.

InstaFresh Meals Cookbook + Freebies

Each season, Marci and Maegan release a new cookbook jam-packed with tasty and unique freezer meal recipes, and now is your chance to get one for a small discount, along with a free menu planner.

Grab the cookbook (available digitally and in print) on the InstaFresh Meals website, and use code PRESSURECOOKINGTODAY at checkout to claim this offer for Pressure Cooking Today readers. 

Meal planning and grocery list from InstaFresh to help you prepare for your Instant Pot freezer meals.
Image used with permission from InstaFresh Meals.

And as if the cookbook isn’t enough, you’ll also get a ton of additional resources, totally FREE! These include a handy Fill-Your-Freezer shopping list and a freezer inventory printable to stay as organized as possible (we can all use a little help in that department, right?). 

If you’re new to freezer meal prepping, InstaFresh has got you covered. Check out their shop, which is full of everything you need to get a head start on filling your freezer! They have containers that are perfectly sized to fill your Instant Pot, bag holders for easy filling, and smart accessories to help the process. 

Fill your freezer party packs to help you gather your friends and family to create fast, easy, and healthy Instant Pot freezer meals in a jif.
Image used with permission from InstaFresh Meals.

Join a Fill-Your-Freezer Party

Check it out for yourself: Download the Fill-Your-Freezer Packet Here! In these packets, Marci and Maegan give you everything you need to prep 8 freezer meals from the cookbook. 

The InstaFresh Meals Fill-Your-Freezer party menus change up every month and don’t appear on the site again until next year. If you’re interested in the March edition, make sure to download it today!

By the end of the season, you will have tried every meal in the book. This is a great way to try new recipes and meet the community. 

Get the InstaFresh Meal Cookbook Today and give future-you a present. 🙂

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