Pressure Cooker Meyer Lemon Cheesecake

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Meyer lemon cheesecake is the best pressure cooker cheesecake recipe for a summer dessert or as a Valentine’s Day sweet treat! A rich, creamy Meyer lemon cheesecake “baked” in a Insta Pot in just 15 minutes. Top it with a little tart lemon curd to add a little sunshine to your day.

slice of Pressure Cooker ((Instant Pot) Meyer Lemon Cheesecake on a white plate

For Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to make dessert in the pressure cooker. I’ve been dreaming of whipping up bread puddings, steam puddings, and lava cakes in the pressure cooker. But when I saw the gorgeous pressure cooker cheesecake recipe that Sally, from A Food Centric Life, posted, I decided that would be perfect to share for Valentine’s Day.

A rich, creamy Meyer lemon cheesecake \"baked\" in the pressure cooker in just 15 minutes.

Making Meyer Lemon Cheesecake in an Instant Pot

An Instant Pot is one of the most popular brands of electric pressure cookers. They are easy to use and your Instant Pot can help you create this delicious Meyer Lemon Cheesecake!

I used my own cheesecake recipe which includes sour cream for a creamier cheesecake. I did however, follow Sally’s suggestions to use a foil sling to help make removing the cheesecake from the pressure cooker easier, and her advice not to cover the cheesecake with foil while it cooks. She’s tried it both ways and prefers the result without the foil cover. Sally adapted her recipe from Pressure Perfect by Lorna Sass.

Instead of graham crackers, I used shortbread cookies for the crust. I served the cheesecake with homemade Meyer lemon curd. I made my favorite lemon curd recipe, but you can also buy delicious lemon curd at the grocery store. It would also be fantastic with a sweet berry compote.


My husband asked me why I was making cheesecake in a pressure cooker. I told him because it was fun. But now that I’ve made and devoured it, I realize there’s so many reasons. It’s quick; the moisture creates a super creamy cheesecake that cooks very evenly; it doesn’t crack; and you don’t have to worry about water from your water bath leaking into your crust.

You need to make the cheesecake in a small 7″ springform pan that will fit into your pressure cooker. As it turns out, the 7″ size is a great size for cheesecake. A big 9″ cheesecake is too big unless you’re having company. The leftover pieces sit in the fridge and taunt me until I’ve eaten more than I should. The 7″ size is just right.

This luscious dessert is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but a little 7″ Meyer lemon cheesecake is a perfect way to make any night special.

Before you get started, be sure and read my Making Perfect Pressure Cooker Cheesecake posts for additional tips.

The easiest way to know a cheesecake is done is to use an instant-read thermometer. When the middle reaches 140°F, it’s done.

slice of Pressure Cooker ((Instant Pot) Meyer Lemon Cheesecake on a white plate
Yield: Serves 6-8

Meyer Lemon Cheesecake


  • 8 ounces shortbread cookies (about 10 large shortbread cookies)*
  • 2 tablespoons butter, melted
  • 2 8 ounce packages cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup sour cream
  • 1 tablespoon Meyer lemon juice**
  • 2 teaspoons grated lemon zest**
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 large eggs


Prepare a foil sling for lifting the pan out of the pressure cooker by taking an 18” strip of foil and folding it twice lengthwise. Set aside.

Crush cookies in a Ziploc bag in to fine crumbs. Add butter and toss until well combined. Use your fingers or the bottom of a drinking glass and press crumbs evenly/firmly into the bottom and half way up the sides of a 7" springform pan. Put pan in the freezer until ready to use.

In a large mixing bowl, mix the cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Add sour cream, Meyer lemon juice, Meyer lemon zest, and vanilla and blend until combined. Add in eggs one at a time and mix just until combine. Do not overwork the batter.

Pour batter into the springform pan on top of the crumbs.

Pour 1 cup of water into the pressure cooker and place the trivet in the bottom. Carefully center the filled pan on the foil strip and lower it into the pressure cooker. Fold the foil strips down so that they do not interfere with closing the lid.

Lock the lid in place. Select High Pressure and set the timer for 15 minutes for a soft creamy cheesecake or 25 minutes for a more firm, dense cheesecake. When beep sounds, turn off pressure cooker and use a natural pressure release for 10 minutes and then do a quick pressure release to release any remaining pressure. When valve drops carefully remove lid.

Remove the pan to a wire rack to cool. If there is a little water on top blot with a paper towel. When cheesecake is completely cooled, refrigerate covered with plastic wrap for at least 4 hours or overnight.


Substitute 3/4 cup graham-cracker crumbs (about 5 crackers), 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted, and 1 tablespoon sugar for a traditional graham cracker crust.

*If you prefer a traditional cheesecake, you can omit the lemon juice and zest and increase the vanilla to 1 teaspoon.

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