Mother’s Day Gift Guide & Instant Pot Giveaway Package

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Whatever your budget, this Mother’s Day Gift Guide will help you find the perfect pressure cooker or pressure cooking accessories to give Mom for her special day. Whether you’re going in with your siblings or just looking for something small and simple, this Mother’s Day Gift Guide has what you’re looking for.

Plus, one lucky reader will win a Mother’s Day Gift Package including an Instant Pot Duo Plus 60, The Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook, and my favorite pressure cooking accessories.

Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook along with several of my favorite pressure cooking accessories (cake pan, trivet, springform, and steamer)

We’ve teamed up with Instant Pot to give one lucky Mom a new Instant Pot Duo Plus 60. Details on how you can win one are at the bottom of this post. These are all products that I love and use regularly in my kitchen. Some of the links in this post may be ”affiliate links.”

Pressure Cooker Gift Guide

I truly believe a good pressure cooker is the perfect gift for any mom—new moms cleaning bottles and pumping equipment to clean, busy moms running between baseball practices and gymnastics classes, working moms cooking after a long day on the clock, and veteran moms or grandmas needing meals to feed a couple or a crowd.

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Amazon image of Instant Pot and accessoriesFirst, if you’re still on the fence about joining the pressure cooking world, or if you’re needing a second, I absolutely recommend the wonderful Instant Pot Duo Plus 60! (For a full rundown on what I love about this pressure cooker, see my Instant Pot Duo Plus review.) I LOVE this pressure cooker and use it all the time in my kitchen. (You’ll see it in action in many of my Facebook lives.) It offers a few upgrades from the Instant Pot Duo, such as a sterilize function (especially nice for new moms with baby gear to clean) and an easy-to-read LCD display.

Instant Pot Duo Plus

The Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook

I am so proud of this cookbook! I wrote this book to provide a wide variety of recipes to appeal to all cooks—from veteran cooks looking for new recipes to brand-new cooks looking for tips and help getting started. And I truly mean that this book has recipes for all skill levels—kids can even use it when mom needs a break from cooking. (For example, I wrote the Blue Box Mac & Cheese recipe for my six-year-old grandson, who’s big enough to cook but too young to drain the hot water from the noodles by himself. Now he loves to cook his own lunch from start to finish!)

The Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook Cover photoAmazon image for Mothers Day Gift Guide and Instant Pot Giveaway Package

You can find THE ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER COOKBOOK at AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-a-MillionIndieboundPowellsQuartoKnows, and in Canada at Indigo-Chapters. A Kindle version is also available! Or, request it from your favorite local bookstore!

To get an idea of some of the recipes included, see the reviews and recipes in action at Completely Delicious, Taste and Tell, FoodieCrush, and Oh Sweet Basil.

Pressure Cooking Accessories Gift Guide

If Mom already has a pressure cooker, consider getting her some pressure cooking accessories that will make her life a little easier. (Many of these items are under $20, making them perfect for any budget!)

Steamer Basket

Steamer baskets are essential for keeping the food out of the water—I consider them absolutely necessary for potatoes (see my Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Quick Potato Salad recipes). I’ve tried several steamers, but my favorite by far is the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Steamer. If you’re looking for a steamer basket for a 3 quart Instant Pot Mini, this 3 qt Steamer Basket looks perfect.
Amazon picture of a vegetable steamer

 7×3-inch Cake Pan

These little pans are workhorses! They’re perfect for pressure cooker lasagnas, “baking” cakes, cooking pot-in-pot, reheating leftovers, and stacked cooking (where you cook part of the meal on the bottom of the pressure cooker and the other part separately on top). You can use any brand, but I’ve had great results with this little Fat Daddio’s Anodized Aluminum pan.
cake pan

7-inch Springform Pan

Springform pans are a fun accessory for making pressure cooker cheesecakes. (I love how the cheesecakes cook up in the pressure cooker—I’ll never make them another way. See why and get my my favorite cheesecake recipes here.) You can also use them in place of a round cake pan, just make sure your pan has a good seal. I have had great results using this Nordic Ware Leakproof Springform Pan.
cheesecake pan


Whether you call them a rack or a trivet, these little accessories are the key to pot-in-pot and stacked pressure cooking. I prefer both a low and high rack—and many pressure cookers come with one size or the other, so make sure to buy just what you need. For the low rack, I love the cute little Mrs. Anderson’s rack, which sits about three-eights of an inch above the pot. For the high rack, I really like this Heavy Duty Stainless Steel rack, which sits an inch and a half above the pot.
Instant Pot Trivet

Retriever Tongs

These little grabbers make it so easy to remove your dish when pot-in-pot and stacked cooking. You can use just one or buy a pair, depending on your preference. I have been really happy with these pot holders.
Clip Retainer Tongs

Are you shopping for a true pressure cooker veteran who already has all of these? Take a look at my Amazon shop for a comprehensive list of all my favorite kitchen accessories, both for the pressure cooker and for baking in general:

Fan Recommendations

In addition, no gift guide would be complete without some fun recommendations for items a little off of the beaten path. We asked the pressure cooking superfans at the Electric Pressure Cooker Facebook Group what they’d like to give or receive for Mother’s Day. In addition to the recommendations above, here are few of their suggestions:

Extra Instant Pot Silicone Ring & Gasket

I love having multiple silicone rings: one for main dishes and one for delicate-flavored desserts and breakfasts. It’s also nice to have in case the ring or gasket get damaged—they don’t fail often, but when they do it’s always at the worst possible time like in the middle of a dinner party. This is one item I never buy generic—I always prefer to have the brand name rings that match the brand of your pressure cooker. For the Instant Pot, you can get a single clear sealing ring or a two pack of red and blue sealing rings.

Sealing Ring

Instant Read Thermometer

These are a MUST for cooking meats in the pressure cooker. With an instant read thermometer, you’ll be able to know immediately if your meat is done enough to serve—no cutting and guessing at the color. And, as a bonus, you’ll be able to use this anytime you grill! I really love the Thermapen brand; however, if you’re interested in a more budget-friendly option, I’ve been happy using a standard Meat Thermometer Fork as well.

Instant Read Thermometer

Herbs & Spices

Nothing takes a meal from good to great like using quality herbs and spices. I love the color and flavor of saffron, and since you just use a pinch, one small bottle lasts a surprisingly long time. My Saffron Almond Rice Pilaf makes an excellent side.

I also like to grow fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, and parsley in my kitchen. I usually go the easy route—my local grocery store sells small potted herbs that grow for a few months and are easily replaced. If your Mom has a green thumb, you could get a growing kit, and herb snips make it a breeze to get herbs recipe ready.

For sweet dishes, I love the extra kick of flavor you get from vanilla bean paste, and Nielsen-Massey is my very favorite brand I’ve tried. Again, since you use it a teaspoon or two at a time, it lasts a long time. Try it in my Best-Ever Rice Pudding recipe.


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