MultiPot Pressure Cooker by Mealthy Review

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The Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker is a newer brand in the pressure cooking world. The MultiPot by Mealthy is the pressure cooker companion to the long-awaited CrispLid. It’s a great pressure cooker that comes with a number of accessories standard and a well-written user guide. 


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The Mealthy MultiPot has a funny name, but it’s a great pressure cooker! It’s very similar to the Instant Pot Duo Plus, with all of the presets aligned in a two-column button panel and controls in the middle panel. The 6 and 8 quart Mealthy MultiPot is now available on Amazon, as well as directly from Mealthy

It has a thick, stainless steel inner cooking pot and comes in two sizes: 6-quart and 8-quart. (Keep in mind that most pressure cooker recipes are written for the 6-quart size, so if you purchase the 8-quart you’ll often need to use more liquid in your recipes.)

Control Panel for the MultiPot Pressure Cooker by Mealthy

What You’ll Love about the MultiPot Pressure Cooker

MultiPot Accessories Come Standard

The Mealthy MultiPot comes standard with what I consider must-have pressure cooking accessories. Included with the MultiPot are an extra silicone gasket (I use red for sweets, clear for meats), a metal trivet, a steamer basket, a ladle, a rice paddle, a rice measuring cup, and two silicone mini mitts.

In addition to the standard accessories, you can purchase additional accessories including a ceramic nonstick pot, an extra stainless steel pot, a glass lid, and additional silicone sealing rings.

Favorite MultiPot Features

I’ll be honest—the Instant Pot Duo Plus is the pressure cooker I use most often in my kitchen. The MultiPot incorporates many of my favorite features.

I really love the digital display that shows exactly where you are in the cooking cycle.

pictures of multi-pot, accessories and user\'s guide

The easy-to-grab lid has a similar style handle and a similarly functioning pressure release valve that indicates the sealing and venting positions. Like the Instant Pot, the MultiPot lid rests on the base handle, which is a convenient feature when you have limited counter space. The lid also has a little step down to help keep your hands away from the hot metal pieces. And the push button works for intermittent pressure releases.

This machine has 14 presets, including a yogurt setting, and you can adjust the time on the presets. Each of the presets has a low, normal, high setting that automatically adjust the times. The user guide explains the difference (e.g. Low is tender meat, Normal is very tender meat, High is fall of the bone meat).

When you’re using the MultiPot, it says “pressurizing” while your machine is coming to pressure, which I think is a nice feature.

I also love that the exterior doesn’t show fingerprint smudges (especially nice if your pressure cooker lives on your countertop). 

The MultiPot works wonderfully with the Mealthy CrispLid air fryer lid. (If you’re curious about the CrispLid, ready my review post here.)

Comprehensive User Guide

The MultiPot has one of the best User Guides of any of the pressure cooker brands I’ve used. (It’s right up there with the Pampered Chef Quick Cooker.) If you’re a little nervous about using a pressure cooker, the MultiPot User Guide will walk you through everything.

The text is clear without being wordy and accompanied by truly helpful illustrations. For example, here’s a step from their guide on how to start pressure cooking. 

MultiPot by Mealthy User Guide - what to do to start pressure cooking

They also include some helpful charts about how the preset programs work and a cooking times cheat sheet to hang on your fridge. 

Mealthy MultiPot charts from the User Manual about how each of the different programs work

What You Should Know Before Purchasing the Mealthy MultiPot

I was disappointed that the cord is not detachable on the 8 quart. I like to detach my cords and store them in the pot because it protects the cords. The good news is the 6 quart models do have a detachable cord. 

The Low, Normal, and High settings are NOT pressure levels. These adjust the times for each of the presets. The User Guide discusses the difference in time and the expected results with each preset. To adjust the pressure level, there is a quick and easy Pressure Level button. The display easily indicates which is selected between low pressure and high pressure. 

The 6-quart and 8-quart have entirely different recipe books. This is useful because 8-quart pressure cookers have different liquid requirements; however it’s something you should be aware of if someone gives you a page number for a recipe.

Close up of pasta inside the Mealthy Multi Pot stainless steel cooking pot.

How to Select A Custom Cook Time in the MultiPot

All of the pressure cooking recipes on this site will work well in the MultiPot. In my recipes, you’ll see the phrase “Select High Pressure and set a ## minute cook time.” To do this on the Mealthy MultiPot, it takes two simple steps:

  1. Press the Pressure Cook button. (If needed, use the Pressure Level button to select High Pressure.)
  2. Use the (+) (-) buttons to adjust the cook time until you reach the desired time, then press the dial to select it. 

The Mealthy MultiPot will beep after a few seconds and the display will show that it is starting the program you selected. 

Any recipe that cooks at high or low pressure will work in your Mealthy MultiPot—regardless of whether the recipe was developed for the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, or any other brand of electric pressure cooker. 

If you’re new to pressure cooking, start with one these Easy Pressure Cooker Recipes. My Getting Started post has great information about using a pressure cooker. You’ll also want some cookbooks and accessories to do even more with your MultiPot.  


What Do the Buttons Do on the Mealthy MultiPot?

The MultiPot has 10 preset buttons as well as a Manual Pressure Cook button. Remember the presets are only cooking programs set to cook for a set amount of time—your MultiPot does not know what you’re actually cooking in your pressure cooker and CANNOT tell you if your food is cooked through.

Whenever you’re cooking in your pressure cooker, be sure to use an instant-read thermometer to make sure your meat is cooked to a safe internal temperature.

Since my recipes are designed to work in any brand of pressure cooker, I will set a custom Manual Pressure Cook time. However, if you’re interested in using the presets, here’s a quick summary: 

Pressure Cook

This is the manual setting for pressure cooking. It allows you to select the pressure level and the amount of time for your recipe.


This preset cooks at high pressure and is designed for chicken. You can use the three different modes to automatically adjust the cook time.

  • Low is designed for small pieces of chicken or chickens wings (10 minutes)
  • Normal is for larger pieces of meat (15 minutes)
  • High is for cooking a whole chicken (25 minutes)


This preset cooks at high pressure and is designed for beef and pork. The three different modes will adjust the cook time.

  • Low will cook the meat until just tender (20 minutes)
  • Normal cooks until very tender (35 minutes)
  • High is for fall-off-the-bone tender (45 minutes).


The preset cooks at high pressure and is designed for various types of soup. The three different modes will adjust the cook time.

  • Low is for clear broth soups (20 minutes)
  • Normal is for meat ad veggie soups (30 minutes) 
  • High is for making bone broths (4 hours)


The preset cooks at low pressure as is designed for white rice. The three different modes will adjust the cook time.

  • Low is for al dente rice (8 minutes)
  • Normal is for thoroughly steamed rice (12 minutes) 
  • High is for very soft rice (15 minutes)


The preset cooks on high pressure and is designed for wild rice, brown rice, and dried beans. The three different modes will adjust the cook time.

  • Low is for al dente rices and beans (20 minutes)
  • Normal is for perfectly soft rices and beans (40 minutes)
  • High is tougher beans that need long cooking times (45 minute presoak, then 60 minutes)


The preset cooks on high pressure and is designed for grains and oats. The three different modes will adjust the cook time.

  • Low is for morning portage al dente style (5 minutes)
  • Normal is for steel cut oats perfectly cooked (20 minutes)
  • High is for when you add tough grains and beans to porridge (30 minutes)

Close up of the MultiPot Pressure Release Valve and Float Valve

Slow Cook

To Slow Cook in your MultiPot, use regular pressure cooking lid with the pressure release valve turned to venting.

Generally on a Crock Pot, the low setting takes 7 to 8 hours to reach a simmer point of 209°F, while the high setting takes 3 to 4 hours to reach the same temperature. According to the user manual, the slow cook setting can adjust the temperature between 195 and 212°F.

Since pressure cookers only have a heating element on the bottom, they can cook a little differently than a traditional slow cooker. This is a problem for some people; however, other people get great results using the slow cook setting on their pressure cooker. Find out what works best for your favorite recipes!


This preset cooks on high pressure and is for veggies and meats. The three different modes will adjust the cook time.

  • Low is for veggies (3 minutes)
  • Normal is for fish and seafood (10 minutes)
  • High is other meats (15 minutes)


The preset cooks on high pressure and is for large eggs. The three different modes will adjust the cook time.

  • Low is for soft boiled eggs (4  minutes)
  • Normal is for medium boiled eggs (5 minutes)
  • High is for hard boiled eggs (6 minutes)


The preset cooks on high pressure and is for different types of cakes and desserts. The three different modes will adjust the cook time. 

  • Low is for moist cakes (25 minutes)
  • Normal is for dense, moist cakes (40 minutes)
  • High is for New York Style cheesecakes (50 minutes)


Press the Yogurt button twice (High) to pasteurize and set to Normal to culture.

Remember, the pot doesn’t have a temperature sensor to tell you the actual temperature of the milk—it’s just programmed to estimate the temperature after a certain time. For best results, you’ll want to check your milk with an instant-read thermometer. 

Also, many people are surprised that homemade yogurt requires a small amount of store-bought yogurt or a yogurt starter to get the incubation process started. Learn more in my favorite Instant Pot Yogurt recipe, which works great in the Mealthy MultiPot. 

Pressure Level

This button simply controls whether the MultiPot operates on High or Low Pressure. 

Delay Start

The Delay Start is not a traditional timer; rather, it will set your pressure cooker to turn on after a specified amount of time.

To use it, select the pressure cooking setting and time, then press the Delay Timer button and select the time you want your pressure cooker to wait before starting the cooking process.

This is a feature you need to use with caution. For example, some foods will absorb water during the delay time, so you may not have enough water left in the pot to bring it to pressure when the wait time is up.For these items, I like to cook pot-in-pot to guarantee that the pressure cooker will be able to come to pressure.

Keep Warm

Once the high pressure cycle is complete, the MultiPot automatically switches to Keep Warm.

I like using the count-up Keep Warm timer to track how long my food is at a natural pressure release. However, after I’ve release the pressure I prefer to unplug or turn off the pressure cooker.

Foods continue to cook in the Keep Warm setting, so it’s particularly important to turn off when making pastas or rice, which will dry onto the bottom if left in the Keep Warm setting for too long.

However, I do like this feature when serving juicy meats or brothy soups to a large crowd. 



What Is the Measuring Cup that Comes with the Mealthy MultiPot Pressure Cooker?

I actually learned something new from the Mealthy manual. One common question I get all the time is “why is the measuring cup that comes with an Instant Pot and other electric pressure cooker smaller than a normal measuring cup?” New pressure cooker users often try to use it as a 1-cup measure and get poor results.

While I knew it was smaller, the Mealthy quick-start guide explained why. The rice measuring cup is sized to measure a single serving of rice (also known as 1 gō.) It is smaller than a standardize measuring cup, so only use it for rice!

What Do the MultiPot Error Codes Mean?

The Troubleshooting section on their user manual is found on pages 22–24. There are six types of error codes you may see on your Mealthy MultiPot. The user manual doesn’t go into much detail about what exactly each of the errors indicates—five of the six error codes simply say “The MultiPot may have a faulty temperature sensor.” 

The MealthyMultiPot has a 1 year limited warranty.

Why did I get a Mealthy MultiPot Err3 Burn Notice?

Err3 is really the only Mealthy MultiPot error code that you can address on your own. Err3 is the BURN NOTICE and indicates that the temperature is too hot for one of three reasons:

  • the inner pot is not positioned properly inside the outer housing
  • the temperature inside the pot is too hot
  • the inner pot does not have enough liquid

If you’ve gotten the burn notice, remove the inner cooking pot pot from the base. Check for debris inside the pressure cooker housing or on the outside of the stainless steel cooking pot. (Keep in mind that the cooker will be hot, so you may need to let it cool to thoroughly check.)

Then remove the cooking pot from the housing, along with any ingredients inside the pot. If food has burned onto the bottom of the cooking pot, soak and scrub off the burned foods. Allow the pot to cool before pressure cooking again. Be sure to add more liquid to the pot and avoid ingredients containing thickeners like canned soups or prepackaged  spaghetti sauces.

Other Mealthy MultiPot Error Codes

The other error codes are quite rare:

Err1, Err2, Err 4: These three errors don’t specify what exactly is wrong, just that your MultiPot may have a faulty temperature sensor and that you’ll need to contact customer support at 1-800-281-0146 or support @

Err5 and Err 6 indicate a problem with the high or low pressure sensor. Again, you’re directed to contact Customer Support.

How To Order

The 6 and 8 quart Mealthy MultiPot is available on Amazon, as well as directly from Mealthy

Disclosure: I received a free MultiPot to review. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions expressed are always my own.

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