Exciting News: Pressure Cooking Today Contributors

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I’m excited to announce that I’ve added several Pressure Cooking Today contributors! Now you’ll get twice as many creative, great tasting pressure cooking recipes every week.

collage of Pressure Cooking Today Contributors

I’ll continue to post a new recipe every week on Wednesdays, and now the new Pressure Cooking Today contributors will share a pressure cooker recipe every Sunday as well.

I’m happy to introduce you to our great new team!

Pressure Cooking Today Contributors


Hello, Hello!  We are so thrilled to be a part of the Pressure Cooking Today team!  My name is Cami and I blog over at TIDBITS, where I share all sorts of DIY projects, home decor and recipes.  My sister, Marci is really the food genius and helps me create delicious food to share at TIDBITS.

We have become somewhat obsessed with the pressure cooker (thanks to Barbara!) and have adapted many recipes to work with the pressure cooker and have come up with our own dishes.  We’ve spent about 2 years and hundreds of dollars experimenting with this type of cooking method, and can’t wait to share our recipes with you.  Marci has a gift for making healthy food taste incredible, and I do the photography and help her eat it.

Amy + Jacky, the husband & wife team behind Pressure Cook Recipes.

Hi! We’re Amy + Jacky, the husband & wife team behind Pressure Cook Recipes. We’re CRAZY about delicious food. We love spending hours testing, tasting, and creating recipes in our kitchen. Life is too short for boring food. So, let’s learn to Eat better. Healthier. Faster. together!


Hi I’m Letty. I’m a Park City based food blogger and photographer passionate about pressure cooking, seasonally inspired vegetarian food and desserts with a healthier twist. After 30 years as a professional pastry chef at Deer Valley Resort, I now follow my passion for wholesome vegetarian cooking, with a side of healthier desserts. Discover more seasonal vegetarian recipes at LettysKitchen.com.


Hola from McAllen, Texas! I’m Tamara from Beyond Mere Sustenance. After living in Las Cruces, New Mexico for nearly 22 years, my husband and I relocated last summer to McAllen – the Rio Grande Valley near the Gulf of Mexico. I have been married to Mark Andersen for 36 years, and am “mom” to 4 adult sons (all excellent cooks), and 2 grandsons! My approach to cooking is “healthy with a global flare.” While I do occasionally splurge, I do so very infrequently. I emphasize fresh, local ingredients, lean proteins, whole grains, beans and legumes, and minimal to no processed ingredients. I develop both vegetarian/vegan recipes and non-vegetarian recipes that meet basic nutrition macros (proteins, carbs, fats) requirements, and feature a lot of international and less common ingredients.

I grew up in a household that relied on a pressure-cooker. My Dad was a PhD student until I was about 7 years old, and we were on a very tight budget. My Mom could turn the toughest meat into a succulent meal with that appliance! I must admit to being a little afraid of it as a girl. Many years later, I find myself relying on a more modern pressure-cooker with plenty of built-in safety features. I find I use it more than my slow cooker due to the fact that I don’t often plan far enough in advance to get the slow-cooker going early in the day. I look forward to this opportunity to develop healthy, interesting recipes for Pressure Cooking Today, and getting to know you all!

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