REVIEW: Instant Pot RIO Wide Plus

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The Instant Pot RIO Wide Plus is new for 2023 and features a shorter and much wider cooking pot. The 7.5-quart Rio Wide Plus is not just a larger version of the 6-quart RIO, since it includes Sous Vide and High and Low Pressure modes. Read our full review to find out if it’ll be a good fit for your kitchen and to get started cooking.

Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus with the extra gasket and trivet that is included, placed in front of the product box.

As soon as we published our review on the Instant Pot Rio, we started getting questions about the Rio’s larger 7.5-quart model, known as the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus.

We’ve been cooking in the Rio Plus Wide for a couple weeks, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know before you buy, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to get started cooking in this model!


The RIO Wide Plus has some really nice features available on some of the higher end models. This include high and low pressure options, Sous Vide, a slide button pressure release, and the whisper quiet steam release cover.

Purchase the Instant Pot RIO Wide Plus at Amazon.

The Instant Pot Rio also comes in a 6-quart size. Read the complete RIO review here.

Everything you need to know about the Instant Pot RIO Wide Plus

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Side view of the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus with a gray plastic exterior.

What is the Instant Pot Rio WIDE Plus?

The RIO Wide Plus is a 7.5-quart multicooker that can

  • pressure cook (at low and high pressure),
  • saute,
  • slow cook,
  • sous vide, and
  • make yogurt.

As soon as I unboxed the RIO Wide Plus, I realized my Duo-to-Rio name change theory wasn’t happening. (Yet. While a Rio Wide (not-plus) is or was in the works, the RIO Wide Plus is the only one on the market as of July 2023.

(All of the other buttons simply run pre-set cooking times; they’re not novel cooking functions.)

The “Plus” part of the Rio Wide Plus is what matters, since this model has much more in common with the latest Duo Plus than it has with the Rio.

The Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus with a gray plastic exterior next to a 6qt Instant Pot Rio with a black plastic exterior.

Pros & Cons: What to Know Before You Buy an Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus

The Instant Pot Rio Wide plus is the first model with a wider, shorter pot. This allows more surface area for sautéing, and allows you to use larger pots for pot in pot cooking.


  • The exterior is a shiny gray plastic with little quartz-like flecks. I don’t love the shine, but the plastic is tough and difficult to dent.
  • The new, wider stainless steel pot is able to fit standard kitchen pans, including 9-inch cake and cheesecake pans.
  • Instant Pot kept the redesigned lid from the Whisper Quiet Duo Plus model, which does a great job venting the steam away.
  • I like the detailed display, which includes a dot matrix line that gives you more details on what’s going on in the pot. (For example, when the lid unlocks, the screen reads OK to Open Lid.) It has everything the Whisper Quiet has, just in a more compact design.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-read button layout with a start button and a turn and press dial to select your cook times.


  • The float valve is accessible from the outside of the lid, but it’s hidden underneath the Whisper Quiet cover, which can be hard to remove at first.
  • Redesigned exterior that tapers at the bottom is its main similarity to the Instant Pot Rio.
  • “Whisper quiet” is quieter than other models, but it doesn’t feel like a significant difference when you quick release.
  • It is a higher voltage model, which allows it to heat up quicker. But it does not have a removable cord.


  • The sealing ring is not interchangeable with any other models, so you’ll need to be careful when selecting accessories. (It does come with two sealing rings, though, so you should be good for a while.)
  • No lid fins to store the lid while you’re sautéing or serving your meal. This also means that the stand-alone air fryer lid is not compatible with this model.
  • Since the pot is wider and shallower than other Instant Pot models, you may need to modify some recipes, since they’re generally written for 6-quarts. However, the recipe booklet that is included isn’t specific to this model and size.
Picture showing the front of the Instant Pot Rio Plus Wide in the middle of pressure cooking. The display features a flashing bar in the Cooking display, with 10 minutes on the custom cook time setting.

Detailed Breakdown of the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus

While the most obvious changes are the size and shape of the cooking pot, the Rio Wide has a lot of the favorite features we’ve come to love in our Instant Pots.

Short, Wide Exterior

The Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus has the same tapered exterior as the 6-quart RIO, but in a shorter, wider version.

The exterior is a shiny, dark gray. It looks like they were going for a granite or quartz appearance, but I prefer the matte black of the 6-quart Rio since it’s easier for me to keep looking clean. (This one shows fingerprints in a different way than the stainless of the Duo models, but it’s definitely easily fingerprinted.)

Quick Note: As of this writing, the Rio Wide Plus is the only 7.5-quart model in all of Instant Pot’s product line. The redesigned exterior means you’re giving up pots and sealing rings that can interchange with other same-size models.

Stainless Steel Pot

The wider, stainless steel pot does not have handles like the Pro models, but it does have the anti spin features that keep the pot from spinning as you stir. The pot is round-bottomed like many of the pervious Instant Pot versions. I vastly prefer stainless steel since I can get a better sear on my meats and use my favorite utensils without worrying about scratching the finish.

Picture collage showing the steam release valve of the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus. The top picture shows it with the whisper quiet cover. The second picture shows the release valve and the float valve cover, the final picture shows with the float valve cover removed.
How to access the float valve in the Whisper Quiet cover in the Instant Pot Rio Plus.

Whisper Quiet Lid Design

I do like the RIO Wide’s lid design, which offers a separate pressure release slider that is far away from the vents that release the actual steam.

It hides the float valve; however, it can be accessed from the outside of the lid, which sometimes can be useful for foods that foam. (For example, the float valve is completely inaccessible in the Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid, and readers have had issues opening the lid when a few tiny bits of food have interfered with the float valve dropping.)

To access the float valve, remove the outer Whisper Quiet shield and the silicone cap over the float valve. (The Whisper Quiet shield fits tight and is initially difficult to remove, but the fit does loosen over time.)

Streamlined Display

The display on the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus has has a very different display than its 6-quart counterpart. Unlike the simplified display on the 6-quart Rio, the 7.5-quart Rio has the most detailed display that Instant Pot makes.

The button-and-dial layout of the display is intuitive and easy to use. However, some people can get overwhelmed at the different options within each of the button categories. (For example, when you press the Pressure Cook button, 10 different cooking program options will come up along the sides.) As always, our recipes will always follow the same process, outlined in the How To section below.

One small note: The actual LCD piece is set back quite a ways from the glass overlay on the screen. This ends up causing the glass overlay to reflect the blue light from the LCD in a way that can make sometimes make the text feel out of focus.

Overhead picture showing the stainless still pot in the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus

Instant Pot Rio Plus Measurements & Specs

The 7.5-quart Instant Pot Rio Plus Wide is 10.25″ long × 16.3″ wide × 11.5″ high. (So it’s roughly 3 inches longer, 3 inches wider, and 1 inch taller than the 6-quart Rio.)

This model operates at 1400 watts and 120V ~60Hz. Its working pressure is 80kPa.

The exact model number is in under the Instant Pot logo on the silver sticker above the electric cord.

What Comes with the Instapot RIO Wide Plus?

The RIO Wide comes with a stainless steel inner cooking pot, two silicone gaskets, and a stainless steel steam rack with really short handles.

The Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus is compatible with many pressure cooking accessories, but others (like steamer baskets) are too tall for the pot.

As of this writing, I haven’t found replacement rings available for purchase. Hopefully, new rings will become available soon.

Side view of the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus with a gray plastic exterior.

User Manual Information

Click here to download the Instant Pot RIO user manual.

One item of note: As of July 2023, there are two links to a user manual: one for an Instant Pot Rio Wide and one for an Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus. However, I haven’t come across an option to purchase the Rio Wide.

Also, the Rio Wide Plus user manual refers to the machine as a “Rio Plus Wide” or “Rio Plus.” However, the manual is easy to read and contains correct diagrams of the updated control panel and lid.

Overall, the manuals included with the newer Instant Pot models are so much easier to read than their manuals were a decade ago! The instructions walk you through the basic steps for all of the preset buttons as well as set up and cleaning.

How to turn the sound On and Off in an Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus: Plug in the Rio, then press and hold Delay Start and Keep Warm until you see the display change to Sound Off or Sound On. (It feels like a while, but it’s about 5 seconds.)

The sound will remain off or on even after unplugging. (Note that safety alerts for things like the Burn Notice will still sound even if the other sounds are turned off.)

Warranty Information

Instant Brands currently offers a 1-year limited warranty on the Instant Pot RIO Plus. Click here to view the Rio’s product registration page.

To qualify for the warranty, you need to register your product within 30 days.

If you need to reach out for product support or repairs, you can do so by phone at 800-828-7280 or by email at We’ve had really good customer service when we reached out by email in the past.

I’ve never tried it, but you can also visit their website to create a support ticket online

Overhead picture of the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus with a slide button release and a whisper quiet cover for the steam release.

How to Cook with the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus

Nearly every recipe on our site use just the Pressure Cook and Sauté buttons. Here’s everything you need to know to use these buttons and get cooking in your new Instant Pot Rio!

Picture showing the front of the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus with the display on.

How to Pressure Cook and Saute in the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus

We have written all of our pressure cooking recipes to be as simple as possible. Here’s everything you need to know to start making our recipes in the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus.




  1. If cooking for the first time with your Rio Wide Plus, wipe down the inside and outside of the housing with a damp cloth and wash the inner cooking pot with dish soap and water.
  2. Place the silicone gasket on the lid and check to make sure it is evenly secured.
  3. Follow your recipe to add food and a clear liquid to the cooking pot. Keep in mind that this 7.5-quart cooks at a higher wattage and on a wider surface area than traditional 6-quarts, so many recipes will need extra liquids in order for your meal to come to pressure.
  4. Lock the lid in place by aligning the little arrow on the center front of the lid with the Unlock icon on the housing that's above the control panel. Place the lid down evenly, then use the lid handle to turn the lid to the left to the Lock icon. Make sure to lock the lid before pushing the buttons.
  5. Touch the Pressure Cook button in the upper left of the control panel. This will automatically bring up the Custom setting, which is what we use to pressure cook most recipes. Press the dial to select the Custom setting, then press again to select High pressure. Turn the dial to adjust the cook time up or down to set the cook time to the time specified in the recipe.
  6. Press the Start button. (Note that if you go more than a few seconds before pressing Start, your unit will reset and you'll need to repeat all of the steps.) The display will light up the first Preheating bar in the progress bar and the read "On" and the little light to the left of the Preheat indicator will turn on while the Rio is heating up and building pressure. After the float valve has risen up to seal off the pressure cooker, it will need another minute or two for the unit to reach the correct cooking temperature. Once this happens, the little light to switch over to the Cook indicator and the display time will begin to count down.
  7. After your cook time ends, the display will read "End" and the Keep Warm setting will start counting up. At this point, your recipe will specify whether to use a quick or natural pressure release you're using a natural release, allow the unit to count up for the number of minutes specified in the recipe, then finish with a quick release. If you're using a quick release, use the switch on top of the lid to switch down to Vent to the pressure release icon.
  8. After all of the pressure is released, the float valve will drop and the message display will read "OK to Open Lid." (It can take an extra beat or two after the pressure is released before the message will change.) You can unlock the lid by turning the arrow back to the unlock icon on the base. Make sure to open the lid away from your face to avoid getting hurt by the steam.


Note that the Sauté function will not work if the lid is on, so make sure to keep it off.

  1. Touch the Sauté button on the lower left. If you wish to change the time or the temperature, use the dial to select your cooking time. (I rarely adjust the time or temperature, and just press cancel when I'm done sautéing. Barbara prefers to select High or Custom 4 for searing meat and Custom 3 for sautéing veggies. Custom 1 is the lowest sauté option, at 203F, which is perfect for simmering.)
  2. Press the Start button. (Again, remember that if you forget to press Start, your unit will reset itself after a few seconds.)
  3. The pot will begin to preheat and will flash Hot for a quick second. The progress bar will also light up the first indicator light under cooking. Don't add your ingredients until the pot is hot. Note that you may need additional oil when cooking in the Rio Plus Wide because it has a much larger surface area. You may need to pick up the pot to swirl the oil around to ensure it's completely covered. Also, just like cooking on an electric stovetop, you can lower the temperature or lift the stainless cooking pot if the food is cooking faster than you'd like.
  4. Make sure to hit Cancel when you've finished the sauté portion of your cooking.

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Why did I get the Burn Notice on the Instant Pot Rio?

⚠️ For more details, check out our in-depth discussion on the Instant Pot Burn Notice: What to Do and How to Avoid It in the Future.

When the Instant Pot RIO Wide Plus shows FOOD BURN in message display, you need to find out what’s going on in the inner cooking pot.

Here are the first questions I ask myself:

  1. Is the inner pot inside the housing?
  2. Does the inner pot have enough liquid?
  3. Are any food deposits stuck to the bottom of the inner pot?

If you’ve gotten the burn notice, the first thing you need to do is to unlock the lid and remove the cooking pot from the housing. Depending on where you were in the cook cycle, you may need to release the pressure and wait for the float valve to drop.

Then check the cooking pot. 

If just a little food has burned onto the bottom of the cooking pot, don’t stir and you might be able to save your meal! Transfer the good food into a separate bowl. Scrape any burnt parts into the trash. If you have a lot of cook time left, return the food to the cooking pot. At this point, you can add more liquid to the pressure cooking pot and try another pressure cooking cycle. Or you can transfer the remaining contents to a pot on the stove or oven and stir while you finish cooking.

If a lot of food has burned on, you’ll be able to taste the burnt taste throughout and, unfortunately, you may have to discard the meal. Soak and scrub off the burned foods. Barkeepers friend is a useful cleaner to help remove stubborn stains. 

In the future, be sure to add more liquid to the pot, avoid ingredients containing thickeners (like canned soups or prepackaged spaghetti sauces), and do not stir layered ingredients when specified in the recipe (check out our Instant Pot Spaghetti and Meatballs as an example).

Picture of the underside of the lid of the Instant Pot Rio Wide Plus, showing the sealing ring.

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🥘 Browse our collection of the best pressure cooker / Instant Pot recipes.

💬 Follow Pressure Cooking Today on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.  

👥 Join our Electric Pressure Cooker Facebook Group. Our positive community of pressure cooking fans use all brands of electric pressure cookers, so it’s a great resource if you have questions about your particular brand.

🥧 If you’re interested in more than just Instant Pot recipes, follow us at Barbara Bakes. There we post amazing breakfasts, breads, and the best dessert recipes

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