The Benefits of Pressure Cooking and Favorite Summer Side Dishes

The Benefits of Pressure Cooking

My friend and fellow pressure cooking blogger, Laura from Hip Pressure Cooking, asked her Facebook followers to share her newest electric pressure cooker benefits infographic.

I know some of my readers haven’t made the plunge yet to buy a pressure cooker, and some of my readers just need a little nudge to pull out their pressure cooker and start using it more, so I wanted to share Laura’s infographic to give us all a reminder why pressure cooking’s so great.

Summer is a great time to use your pressure cooker. Not only do you get all the benefits Laura describes in her infographic, you also don’t have to heat up the house by turning on the oven.

Quick Potato Salad - a classic potato salad cooks in only 4 minutes in the pressure cooker

We love to grill in the summer, and I use my pressure cooker all summer long to make wonderful side dishes to accompany whatever I’m cooking on the grill.

My Quick Potato Salad recipe is a classic potato salad recipe that only takes 4 minutes to cook in the pressure cooker. If you love potato salad, you’ll love this recipe.

BLT Potato Salad with bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and parsley

Or change it up and make a fun BLT Potato Salad with bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and parsley.

Easy to make Rice Pilaf with Carrots, Peas and Parsley

Easy to make Rice Pilaf with Carrots, Peas and Parsley is a colorful addition to any meal.

Pressure Cooker Chipotle’s Cilantro Lime Rice

Chipotle’s Cilantro Lime Rice is a perfect side dish if you’re grilling fajitas or carne asada for tacos.

Lemon Rice Recipe from Pressure Cooking Today

I serve Lemon Rice whenever I’m grilling Greek Souvlaki. For my daughter, Souvlaki just isn’t complete without Lemon Rice.

Saffron Almond Rice Pilaf

Saffron Almond Rice Pilaf is rice pilaf dressed up with sliced almonds and a pinch of saffron. It’s a beautiful color, and great contrasting textures. It’s perfect with a grilled pork chop or steak. This makes a weekly appearance at our house in the summer.

Those are my family’s favorite pressure cooker side dishes. What’s your favorite summer side dish?