Zavor Lux LCD Review

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The Zavor Lux LCD Multi-Cooker is a gorgeous pressure cooker with popular higher-end features like a Yogurt, Slow Cook, and Sous Vide setting and a Black Stainless exterior.

The Zavor LUX pressure cooker placed on a counter with the included trivet and steamer basket placed in front of the packaging box.

The Zavor Lux LCD multicooker has received top marks from America’s Test Kitchen and Consumer Reports for its amazing pressure cook and slow cooker settings.

Zavor is a well-known, reliable pressure cooker brand. Zavor was created when several former Fagor team members decided, after the Fagor company closed, to take their expertise and experience and start a new brand.

Read the full review below for everything you need to know about the Zavor Lux LCD.

Bottom Line: If you want a great pressure cooker that also shines as an excellent slow cooker, this is a great option for you!

Just bought a Zavor Lux LCD? Read the review for the basics of your machine, then hop over to my Getting Started Guide, where I’ll walk you through the basics!

Zavor LUX with black stainless steel placed on a kitchen counter.

How to Set a Cook Time with the Zavor Lux

In my recipes, you’ll see the phrase “Select High Pressure and set a ## minute cook time.” Here’s how to do this on the Lux:

  1. Press the dial to select the Pressure Cook setting, then press again for Custom, then once more for High Pressure.
  2. Turn the dial left or right to select your time, then press the dial to confirm.
  3. Press the Start/Stop button to start the cooking cycle.

The screen will turn green and show that it’s preheating. That’s it!

The black stainless steel Zavor Lux with an LCD screen placed on a kitchen counter.


The Zavor Lux LCD comes with a steamer basket, a basic trivet, a user manual, and a cookbook that shows the recipes in action. 

While it comes with just the one silicone sealing ring, additional rings are available for purchase. (I consider two rings a must-have – one for cooking sweets and one for savory.)

It also has a removable power cord, which I prefer for easy storage. (I like to keep my cord inside the pot when not in use.)

The bottom side of the Zavor LUX pressure cooker lid.


✅ They’ve redesigned the gasket attachment on the lid. With the old version of the Lux, it wasn’t as easy to know if the gasket was in place correctly. With the updated removable Y-shaped gasket, it’s so much easier to clean and replace the gasket correctly, even when you’re in a hurry or distracted by kids. No more worries about whether you’ve seated the gasket properly.

✅ I’ll be honest—I really like the look of the black stainless exterior and the brushed stainless steel cooking pot. They beautiful and stay clean looking for a long time. 

✅ The digital display is large and easy to read, with useful information about the cooking process.

✅ The Zavor has an easy to understand lock and unlock symbol for the lid and for the steam release valve.

✅ You can readjust the time after you’ve started the pressure cook cycle without having to cancel it and start over. 

The top side of the Zavor LUX pressure cooker lid.

✅ I love the Favorites setting! For foods you cook all the time (in my family it’s white rice and brown rice), you can have your Zavor remember the pressure level and the cook time. Once it’s set, it’s locked in there every time you need it thereafter.

✅ The Panel Lock button! We have a very “helpful” toddler, who is just able to reach the bottom buttons on the counter and delights in pushing them when I’m busy chopping vegetables or setting the table. To turn it on and off, hold down the button for 3 seconds. 

✅ Additional parts including spare silicone rings and cooking pots are easily available to purchase.

The Zavor LUX pressure cooker with the LCD screen showing the status for coming to pressure.


🔺 The Sauté function only goes to 300°F, which is lower than in older models that used to go to 356°F. (They lowered the temperature since some people had problems with it cooking too hot.) However, the lower temperature makes it take longer to get a good sear on meat before pressure cooking.

🔺 You have to press the start button to begin the cooking process. If you forget, it times out and goes to standby mode.

🔺 If you’re used to an Instant Pot brand pressure cooker, the lid locks and unlocks in the opposite direction. 

🔺 The dial controls all of the functions on the pressure cooker, including selecting the cooking programs and setting the cook time. The dial is pretty sensitive, so you just need to get used to it.

🔺 We also haven’t found a back button yet—so if you select something incorrectly, you have to start over. 

None of these are deal breakers, just things to be aware of.

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The Zavor Lux 6-quart pressure cooker is 1000 watts, just under 12 pounds, and 13.78″ x 12.20″ x 11.42″.

The Zavor Lux LCD uses a sensor to toggle between 10 and 13psi on High Pressure and between 4 and 7psi on the Low Pressure setting.

Slow Cook set to Low cooks at 190°F and High cooks at 212°F.

📕 The full Zavor Lux LCD user manual is available online here.

The top of the Zavor LUX pressure cooker lid with a manual pressure release valve.


The Zavor includes many in-demand multi-cooker settings including

  • Pressure Cook
  • Saute
  • Yogurt
  • Flex, which can be used to cook Sous Vide
  • Slow Cook
  • Steam
  • Simmer
  • Grains
  • Eggs
  • Dessert

Then, each of these functions contains a number of additional presets (for example, under the pressure cook menu you see Custom, Meat, 

How to Turn the Sound Off on a Zavor Lux LCD

🔇 Press and hold down the Adjust button until the display changes to the Mute icon. To turn the sound back on, either hold down the Adjust button again or unplug the machine. (There’s no way to permanently turn the sound off.)

Black stainless steel Zavor LUX placed on a kicken counter.

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Disclosure: I was sent a Zavor Lux LCD 6-Quart Multicooker to review and one to giveaway, but all opinions expressed are always my own.


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